Inn ASABA  Shuzenji Japan  1998 
Restaurant CHOYOKAN  Takada Japan  1995 
Inn HORAI  Atami Japan  1989 '80 '69 



志水 正弘 新建築1981年7月号より

  What is it about sukiya architecture that makes it unique and still popular, after more than 400 years, among all the modern types of architecture in Japan?

  A revolutionary type of architecture was born in 1587 when Sen no Rikyu designed and built a reception hall called Irotsuki Shoin, which was one room of a large manor house. This was a unique type of architecture which was not designed to show the power or position of its owner. It could be called an anti-authoritarian type of architecture, different from the convention style of reception halls, castles, shrines, and temples which were designed to reflect political, religious and other forms of power.

  Rikyu's design brought together the tea ceremony and the human element in a new and simple form of space in which the person was the central theme rather than the style of architecture. This space creates an atmosphere soothing to humans and has been preserved in the tradition of sukiya architecture. Man's need for such amenity has resulted in the preservation of sukiya down to this day.